Hi, I’m Doug.

I am a photographer, trainer, and business coach who helps aspiring and “NEW” professional photographers expand their creativity, build solid workflow habits, and gain the business skills they need to become fully confident and profitable in the ever changing world of photography.

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The 16 Keys to Unlocking and Building a Lucrative Photography Business!

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Build a strong foundation for your photography practice

As a photographer, you will need to master the technical basics of the camera and form a solid understanding of lighting and posing. My courses and workshops will teach you how to bring your creative vision to fruition. Together we will explore the difference between the world seen by the human eye and the world seen by the camera sensor. By forming an awareness of the gap between the two, you will be able to maximize your camera’s full potential.

build and sustain a profitable portrait photography business

Building a successful portrait business takes more than capturing a good image. Not only do you need the photography skills to create salable photographs that your clients will love, but you also have to know how to set up a business that will make you money and keep your clients and their referrals coming back.

As a business strategist and coach for professional photographers, I will work directly with you to construct a business blueprint that will become your path for business success! You will learn the best practices that are being used today so you can immediately implement them into your studio systems. My programs will teach you what you need to know to build a lasting, profitable business that fuels your creativity and unleashes you to pursue what you love to do best…photography!

Let’s work together to solve your photography and business challenges!

Being a photographer who spends year-after-year scratching out a living doing one photo session at a time is not the same as the photographer who has a “business mindset” and OWNS A PROFITABLE BUSINESS that markets and sells photographic products and services.

I will help you gain the FOCUS, CONFIDENCE, and RESULTS required to master lighting, posing, composition and post-processing so you can free up your mind and become more creative. As a business owner you will be able to make more money in photography, take control of your business and have more leisure time for yourself. Are you ready to get started?

Unleashing Your creativity

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Business Programs and Online Courses build your essential skills here...

Whether you are a part-time hobbyist wanting to start a “side hustle” business or a full-time studio owner in the early stages of building your business, I can be your GUIDE to creating the business that serves you instead of YOU serving the business; but FIRST you need to master the essential business skills. Ready to begin?

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Business Development & Support Work one-on-one with me

If you’re serious about creating a successful photography business or up-leveling the one you already have, then we need to work together! I can help you hurdle the issues of marketing, pricing, sales, digital workflow and maintaining a positive mindset.

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The 16 Keys to Unlocking and Building a Lucrative Photography Business!

100% Privacy Guaranteed!


How encouraging to have someone to help me move from point A to point B in my life and business. Doug is very patient and I really felt his sole purpose was to empower me to accomplish all that I wanted.

Susan B., Photography by Susan

I am now more confident when working with clients and asking for the sale. I no longer cringe when talking about my prices. My business is profitable and I LOVE IT!

Jeff D., Creative Images

Working one-on-one with Doug has absolutely grown my business! I am better organized and enjoy more creative freedom then ever before. I love photography again and I have more time to spend with my family – a true blessing!

Melanie Gibson, North Carolina